Easter BKK Tour Blog Day 2

Benny Lin
Founder & Academy Director

Easter BKK Tour Blog Day 2

Posted at : April 23, 2011

Although some of the kids couldn’t sleep well because the mattress at the academy is rock-hard, but overall everyone had a good night rest. At 8am the kids started their very first training and it was an eye opening session for them. It was very hot and humid, not to mention the kids are so not used to this kind of brutal climate. Overall I must say the kids did well. Most of them toughen it up and didn’t complain a bit. Morning session went smoothly with some drills and ended with points. The academy has kids from Thailand and Philippines which makes training more interesting for everyone.

In the afternoon the kids only played for about 60 minutes. Just warm up and match practice. I reminded the kids to prepare for tomorrow’s match and they should start feeling a bit nervous. At the end of the session we had a technical meeting where we discussed some basic but most important principle for match play. I summarized and demonstrated the importance of the following mind set:

1. Use best shot as often as possible. All tactical applications should be based around your best shots.
2. Attack opponent’s weakness with best shot.
3. Know your limit; what you can do and what you cannot do.

Lastly I strongly reminded the kids that win or lose tomorrow they have to give 100% effort. If they could do that regardless the outcome of the match, they would walk out the court as a winner in my eyes.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow.

Pictures have been posted on our facebook account.


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