Easter BKK Tour Blog Day 3

Benny Lin
Founder & Academy Director

Easter BKK Tour Blog Day 3

Posted at : April 24, 2011

To our surprise the tournament venue is about 65km away from the academy which takes about 1.5 hours to reach. It is very far :-(.

For some of the kids today’s tournament was their first international tournament exposure and the experience had been a fruitful one. Some of our kids lost their first match, some got to the second round but overall according to coach Bhagat the kids played some of their best tennis and gave their heart out to today’s match under extreme weather condition. Although Adithya, Edmund and Matthew’s match was postponed by the rain in the afternoon, most of the scheduled matches were played in the morning.

Match report:

  • Amrit Panjabi – He was too nervous and didn’t play as well as he could be. He was afraid to fight and extracted sub standard effort. Amrit could have won the match if he could just play like he did in training.
  • Siddhart Jain – Was too nervous in the first set but quickly recovered and played some of his best tennis in the second set. Although he lost but he gave a very good performance and played his match like a warrior.
  • Nikhil Mohinani – Another played who did very well in his first international match experience. Although he lost but he fought hard and played better than he thought he could play. Too bad he got tired in some rallies and just because of a few points here and there cost him the match. It was however Nikhil’s best tennis and performance up to date.
  • Andy Lee – Won easily in the first set and lost his focus as he thought he could take the second set too. He gave sub standard effort in the second set and did not recover in the third set because he got too tired due to hot weather condition. He fought hard in the first set but let down his guard and didn’t push himself in the second set. Third set he was just too tired and mentally he failed to push his body to the limit.
  • Edmund Hui – Edmund played and fought well today. His forehand was his weapon today but his serves – first and second – were his liability. He however fought like a young tiger and didn’t look back after winning the first set.
  • Akash Panjabi – Played smartly by successfully identified his opponent’s weakness. He saw his opponent couldn’t move well so he set up his shots wide to both side and waited for his chances to attack short balls. But most importantly by knowing his opponent’s weakness he was able to efficiently attack the dragon’s head.
  • Yuen Cheuk Yin – Played the No. 1 seed and he was one level better. Cheuk Yin made too many unforced errors from both wings and the hot weather condition made him more impatient resulting in rushing his shots and taking chances too soon. His opponent was a very good player but Cheuk Yin basically beat himself through his unforced errors.

After all the matches we had a meeting where we discussed each player’s match. I wanted the kids to learn from each other because learning from each other’s mistakes and success is similar like playing the match themselves. So if they did listen carefully it is equal to playing 7 matches today. Some of the experience from today’s match are very valuable, such as why we should not be afraid to fight and winning or losing is not the most important thing and less important than effort. The kids learned today that regardless their performance and outcome of the match which they cannot really control, 100% effort is a MUST and this is something they can ALWAYS control.

Kids who are already out of the tournament will do a full day camp training tomorrow.

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