Kaoshiung Tour 2011

Vuk Zelunka
Head Coach

Kaoshiung Tour 2011

Posted at : January 09, 2011

After arriving to Kaohsiung HKITA Elite team had training preparation for the tournament first 3 days partly on clay court and partly on hard court. We went through several main technical and tactical issues important for the point structure and we had a lot of situational drills. We have played a lot of points as well.

The tournament for boys is really massive this year. Both 14 and 16 boys had over a hundred contestants only in the qualifying part of the tournament.

Maxime got to the second round of qualies by w.o. In the second round he fought well but he was too inconsistent and his opponent was bit more powerful then he was so he ended up his singles losing 3:6.
Since the draw for doubles was done before we came to Taiwan our players had randomly assigned partners. Maxime was unlucky to get a partner much below his tennis level and they didn’t have enough luck against not too strong Taiwanese boys and they lost 6:7 in very tight match.

Cybe had pretty good winning strike in the qualies but he was stopped in the last round. He was playing aggressive tennis throughout the whole tournament and didn’t have any problems until his last match. He started match very good, dominating against his opponent just like all the other matches. He was leading 3:0 and then everything got turned around. Cybe couldn’t get any more accuracy in the rallying and attacking part of the game. He made too many mistakes and errors and end up losing 4:6. His opponent was probably surprised .he won the match against Cybe, especially because he didn’t have to do anything to win. Cybe did everything by himself.

Cybe’s doubles partner was quite good Taiwanese boy but unfortunately not serious enough like Cybe was. Cybe played very good doubles game, serving and volleying well but his partner was not really up to the level and they lost same result like last single’s match, 4:6.

Vickie has played very good tennis and made it to the semi’s of the 16U beating some of the top ranked players in Taiwan. After easy two rounds of qualifiers, main draw part of the competition brought much stronger players. Early, in the second round, Vickie had to deal with seed no4 and after a long and tight match she manage to find a right game to win the match. Another tough opponent was waiting for Vickie in quarters. Being down 6:5 where every game was a little war battle, Vickie made some good decisions and found a totally new gear, speeding up her game and finishing the match pretty comfortable catching by surprise her opponent who wasn’t able to catch up with higher level of tennis skills Vickie managed to produce. Unfortunately, in the semis Vickie couldn’t find the focus for another strong performance. Even though I am sure she could have seriously competed against very good opponent who has beaten no1 seed, Vickie lost quite easy not giving appropriate resistance.

Claire really had a great performance throughout the whole tournament. She ran over all of their opponents on her way to semi finals, losing one or two games per a match, beating some of the top seeded players. Her semi final match was very long and tough fight against defensively very strong Taiwanese girl. She needed a little bit of luck and maybe bit more capable and concentrated referee, and then maybe result would be different. Claire lost 7:5, 6:2, after really long and mentally difficult match.

Great experience for our players!

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