US Summer Tour 2010 Day 20

Benny Lin
Founder & Academy Director

US Summer Tour 2010 Day 20

Posted at : July 30, 2010

Michelle had no problem dismantling her opponent today. It was a mismatch and very much one sided. At some points Michelle even looked a bit bored. Nevertheless, it was a good win for Michelle and a great championship achievement to build up her resume.

Big Tiger had a similar situation as Michelle. He was a level above his opponent and he wasn’t challenged that much. Although Tiger had some tough points but from the very first game we knew Tiger was going to win this one. Tiger’s win yesterday was much tougher and it was probably the best match of the tournament by far. The player he beat yesterday was the winner of Costa Mesa tournament and the No. 1 seed. His opponent in the final is a player trained by Advantage Tennis Academy in Irvine. Big Tiger’s win will be able to help him furnish his resume for college application in the US because now he’s got one tournament win in the US. A benchmark that coaches in the US can use to measure his tennis level.

Wallace had a tough first set. It was good to see Wallace’s fighting spirit. Despite playing every day since the first tournament, Wallace showed high fighting spirit and that hunger for victory. Both players pushed each other to play better in the first set by exchanging hard hitting groundstrokes off both wings. As usual Wallace would mix his game by adding heavy topspin, backhand slice and net play, which was very effective in keeping his opponent off guard and guessing on what Wallace would do next. His opponent was an aggressive baseline with one handed backhand. He’s got good forehand but not so strong backhand and Wallace knew that from the very first point. That backhand for the entire match was Wallace’s target of assault. He was just punishing his opponent backhand and took advantage from there. Second set it was all Wallace as his opponent already lost mentally and devastated from the first set’s loss. Good win for Wallace and he has been doing really well in terms of improving his game, gaining match experience, toughen up his mental toughness and improving his fitness level too.

Matthew Min Hin Wong and Alastair Ng won the U14 doubles but their trophies did not arrive yet so they have to wait until next week and most likely we will not see the trophies. But I will arrange the trophies to be sent to my brother’s address if possible.

We had training as usual for the rest of the kids in the morning and afternoon. In the morning the kids played at Long Beach State College working on their ground strokes.

Tomorrow the kids will be going to Universal Studio California for the whole full day. I am glad that the kids are having some time off today from tennis as they have been playing tennis a lot in this trip. On Saturday and Sunday we will be busy again as we will continue with Lakewood Open for some of our kids who are still in the tournament from last weekend. The kids have not realized that they will be going home on Monday and many of them are already feeling sad and thought time flies too fast here. Coach Steven especially doesn’t want to go home and wants to stay longer :-D

Pictures have been posted on hkita facebook account.

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