US Summer Tour 2010 Day 21

Benny Lin
Founder & Academy Director

US Summer Tour 2010 Day 21

Posted at : July 31, 2010

Everyone spent the whole day at the Universal Studio Los Angeles today, except for Tyler and Big Tiger who opted for training. All of them had a lot of fun at the studio. They were there from 10am till 730pm. Some thought Disneyland was more fun but some liked Universal Studio better. Jeffrey, Wallace and Michelle made a big mistake with their timing as they missed Universal Studio’s main attractions – Studio Tour and King Kong 3D. Well maybe next time!

While the kids was at Universal Studio I visited and met with the owners of Advantage Tennis Academy in Irvine. They are located in Irvine – where we live – a very nice city (like living in Disneyland hahaha....). Advantage Tennis Academy has a very nice facility with 24 tennis courts including clay and hard court. They also just got their approval from the US immigration to issue I-20 (student visa). Kids now can go to their academy, train and study at their in house schooling or opt for normal schooling in Irvine. Irvine is one of the best school district in the US for elementary and highschool. University High which is located 5 minutes from the academy is the No. 1 highschool in the US with Northwood High and Irvine High very close behind. Basically all Irvine schools are award winning schools. I would recommend players who want to play college tennis to attend this academy before they finish highschool, especially for players like Tang Weiling. She could learn and improve her English while she is studying in highschool here. This way she could save time and money because if not she has to go to English School first before even attending university and that may take 2 years.

Advantage’s best attractions are its location as it is very close to Asia and its strong coaching program with extensive college placement network. And of course the weather here in Southern California is unbeatable, plus you can play junior tournament every week within 1 hour drive. They are also (very important) not as commercialized as Nick Bolleteirie where a player could easily get lost in the crowd of hundreds of players and where coaches are not as experienced as they should be. Advantage has smaller classes and much better coach-student ratio with higher caliber coaches. If any player from Asia is looking for a tennis academy in the US, either for full time program or college placement program, Advantage Tennis Academy is the right choice.

Pictures have been uploaded on hkita facebook account.

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