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Oriol Mercadé Canals (Spain), Elite Coach & Sport Psychology

Oriol Mercadé was born in Barcelona, Spain on January 4, 1982. From 8 to 14 years old he competed in different sports such as volleyball and football, but mainly in tennis. Then he was enrolled in different disciplines as aquatic sports (swimming, windsurf and surfing), and mountain sports (cycling and running)

In 2004 he was graduate in Psychology with a final research published in a National Magazine (O.Mercadé, 2006, Outdoor training to increase team cohesion, Apunts 84) and next year he started the European Master in Sport Psychology and Physical Education, held within the Universities of Physical Education of Barcelona, in Spain, University of Leipzig, in Germany were he did an Intensive Course and Lisbon, Portugal were he was 4 months doing a research about talent tennis detection and working as a fun area director in Estoril ATP Open.

In 2005 he also receive a Post Grade in Sport Entity Direction and Administration in the prestigious University Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona, were he did the Psychological consulting to get and retain customers in Holmes Place, the main Fitness and Health Club in Spain. Nowadays he is enrolled in the PhD in Sport Science (the highest study level) at the University Ramon Llull, in Barcelona and as a member of Catalan Association of Sport Psychologist assisted to many sport psychology conferences

From 2005 he coached at Club Tennis Barcino (a leading tennis club of Spain, where many players reached the top 100 as O.Hernandez, A.Montanyés, S.Kutnetsova or A.Portas, and it’s also the club were Sergi Bruguera, two times Roland Garros champion was formed.

Since 2006 he is the Sport Psychologist of the junior competition teams, working domains as motivation, emotional control, confidence, concentration, and competition performance on court and he use to travel around Spain during national master competition and some periods he was the tutor of the young Catalan federation tennis players.

In 2007 he was formed in biofeedback techniques (the process of recording and sending biological data back to a trainee), by the Spanish Centre of Biofeedback and also in Neurofeedback , in Zurich, Switzerland .A non invasive technique that allows to gain information about brainwaves activity and use that information to produce cognitive changes to improve performance. He opened his own private office were he work with more of 40 patients and his modern techniques has been successfully applied for peak-performance training for business executives children and athletes to improve their concentration and control anxiety regulation.

Oriol has a modern view and he understand sport as a science that can be improve with exhaustive work and with his scientific background and with the help of high technology he can give a tennis academy a quality difference to others that use the traditional methodology of just practice repetitive shoots, over and over again.

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