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Below are some testimonials from parents. We invite you to come to our sessions and see for yourself. 

"Monster Tennis provided a wonderful introduction to tennis to my daughter. She adored the lessons, and constantly asked me why she couldnt play more than once a week. In no time at all my daughter was able to hit a ball across the net, as well as being able to run nimbly round the court care of the fun obstacle courses and her "dancing feet"."

Julie More

"Our daughter joined Monster Tennis with coach Lea when she was six years old. Monster Tennis was great at teaching the basics of footwork, ball and racket skills. Our daughter looked forward to her weekly Monster Tennis classes - it was fun but full of learning."

Mother of a Monster Tennis student at HKUST

Monster Tennis was our son's first introduction to the game - he loved the class and made a lot of progress. The variety and pace of activities kept the kids interested and focused; it was always immense fun. The coach was patient with the kids and did a fabulous job translating concepts and actions into terms the kids could understand and learn. She provided individual encouragement and skill evaluations. Our son (6) is eager to continue tennis now at the junior level, and our daughter (2) can't wait to start her own Monster Tennis class this year.

Ellen, son James age 6 and Mairead age 2

As a mother of three kids I know that teaching kids is a tough, teaching a group of 2 and half year olds holding rackets is almost impossible but somehow Leah handles it wonderfully and more amazingly no injuries! Leah's patience and enthusiasm for the game has rubbed off and now at 4yrs old Carwyn is not only hitting the ball but almost ready to play tennis! Great Job Keep it Up!



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