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Traveling Expectations 

When traveling as representatives of the Academy, players’ actions should reflect favorably on the academy, Hong Kong team and themselves. Academy players are expected to adhere to particular traveling rules, nutritional needs, and curfew. All players are expected to depart and return with the group/coach unless they are officially released to their parent.

Hotel Curfews / Policies

The coach will set curfews based on match/training schedules. 21:30-22:30 will be the general guideline, with 23:00 the latest in all cases (except special circumstances such as very late match/dinner, late arrivals, etc). Players should be in their rooms before the curfew set by the coach, and should check daily with the coach for curfew times. Players breaking curfews will be subject to penalty, which will be determined by the coach on a case-by-case basis.

Players must not leave the hotel or tournament venue unless permission is given by the coach. Players must always keep the coach informed of whereabouts at all time.

Players should NEVER enter the room of the opposite sex. This will result in immediate suspension.

Definition of Curfew:
In your OWN room; lights & TV off; in bed; QUIET!

During Traveling for Tournaments Academy players should:

  • Arrange wake-up calls (3 hours before your first match)
  • Maintain good eating habits (choose the right foods - plenty of fruit and vegetables, pasta, fish, white meat; if necessary go and buy proper things instead of eating junk food)
  • Find your own, most effective way to prepare for matches (consult with the coaches)
  • Put everything into your bag for before the match (including blister tape, spare laces, pieces of chocolate or bananas, spare shorts, shirt and socks, soft grips, towel, etc.)
  • Fully understand the tournament levels (junior, satellites etc.), ranking system, tournament rules (when to sign for lucky losers, list for doubles) and know the tennis rules in detail
  • Bring your books or homework (study during your free time)
  • Find out when your next match is
  • Find time to scout your next opponent
  • Evaluate your own performance after a match


Monthly Report