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Sher Pui Wing

Sher Pui Wing

Benny has been my coach since I was 12. He not only teaches me to become a better person on court and off court, he also guided me throughout my college application process. I went to the Yale showcase with him in 2009 and it was a life changing experience for me. During the showcase, I learnt more about college tennis after meeting with coaches from different colleges and played against other players. After talking to coaches of different top ranked colleges, I learned more about their tennis programs and academic requirements that are needed for application. After the showcase, I had a general list of schools that I was interested in and was capable applying to.

Additionally, the experience from the showcase benefited me a lot as I had made a great impression on coaches and obtained information that helped me to prepare works for my application. I was motivated to work hard and reach the requirements when I came back to Hong Kong. Benny has provided valuable advice to me during the showcase and also throughout my application process. He knows a lot about college tennis and knows what area we should focus on to make a good impression to other coaches. He is definitely the person that I would approach when I have questions about college tennis. I am really glad that I took the trip with Benny to the showcase. It was a remarkable experience for me and helped me make my choice to attend Seton Hall University on full scholarship! I believe this trip could not have been successful without the guidance of Benny.