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Geraldine Leong

Geraldine Leong (Hong Kong)

CRC Girls’ Singles Champion
Junior Fed Cup World Finals player

“Benny was a total stranger to me about 5 years ago. But I soon got to know him well through Talent Group, a training program he started through Hong Kong Tennis Association. He is easy-going and humorous... that is when it is not fitness time. He is extremely tough during fitness time, and never lets us get away with it. But that was how I grew stronger physically and mentally, and there were huge improvements, and it had definitely shown through my match play. As time went by, he arranged all sorts of programs, enabling us to broaden our vision in the tennis world – from hard courts in the US to clay courts in Spain, it was a marvelous experience. Benny is a coach that cares about and is supportive of our tennis developments. During the Fed Cup competition, I could not have asked for a better captain as he pushed all of us to our limits, and we achieved the unthinkable. I believe he is definitely the coach all players are looking for if you have the passion for tennis!”

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