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Gilbert Wong

Gilbert Wong (Hong Kong)

US College Student Athlete Scholarship Recipient
Former HK Top Ranked Junior
ITF World Ranked player

“It is my great pleasure to write about my coach, Benny Lin. Benny was one of the best coaches in my tennis career. His training program was very professional that had rectified my weaknesses and built up my toughness attitude. He was patient and friendly coach who treated everybody the same. Until now, Benny’s words and advices are still in my mind. These words are very useful in my character development as a successful person and a professional tennis player. Besides, he helped me to contact coaches in the States to get scholarship in universities even though after I was promoted to the Sports Institute. I have learnt to be mature under Benny’s leadership and I am very happy to be one of his students and to have Benny as my mentor.”

US College Placement Program