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James Ng

James Ng (Hong Kong), Chinese University Medical School

I would like to thank Benny for all the support he has given me ever since he became my tennis coach in 2003.
I first trained under Benny at Talent group and I followed him to the group training lessons at SCAA thereafter.

During the past years, I learnt a lot on and off the court from Benny. Through his coaching, I was taught that hard work, determination and a good game plan are the keys to success.

Although we both realized that my focus is on the academic side years ago, he was still very demanding and serious during our tennis lessons because we must “give 100% effort in everything you do”.

I also want to thank Benny for this help in some of my university applications. I am granted sports scholarship at CUHK, and Benny had played a part in it by helping me write a recommendation letter. He has also helped me attract attention from some good schools in the US during the showcase, but my interest in medicine meant that Hong Kong and UK are the only possible options.

On next week, I will start my University life in CUHK Medicine School. It is a great achievement for me after years of hard work and I believe that without the determination & commitment that I learnt from tennis, I might not have been able to achieve this. It is really my pleasure to have Benny as my coach on the court and my friend off the court. His dedicated, determined, disciplined, and warm-hearted character is worth learning from. After 9 years of coaching from Benny, I have prepared myself for the future challenge and compete on and off the court.