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Kai Liu

Kai Liu (Hong Kong), New York University

As student athletes we are always striving to find that sweet spot between balancing school work and sport. I remember coming home feeling physically and mentally drained on a daily basis after having been in class for over 7 hours and then going straight to the tennis courts to train at a high intensity.  When you graduate from high school with good grades you go to college. But when you graduate from high school as a good tennis player you do not necessarily go pro. It would be such a waste to have spent all of those hours on the court and money on lessons for nothing. That is why Benny’s college tennis program is so apt. He helps students to get into the best college of their choice by combining their hard earned grades with tennis achievements.

Although I did not take part in the well-respected Yale Showcase, Benny was still able to help me by introducing me to the NYU tennis coach whilst I was in New York. Meeting the coach and leaving a good impression of yourself is just as if not more important than creating a high quality tennis video that displays your talents. Benny’s contacts are invaluable as he has such a good relationship with so many of the US college coaches. I am very grateful to Benny as he taught me that tennis does not stop after high school, instead it can help open the door to attaining a world class collegiate education.