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Kelvin Lam

Kelvin Lam - Harvard University

It is my pleasure to share my experience working with Benny. I worked with Benny from age 11 to 14 and that is when I started to improve my game and move up in the rankings. I am a very serious player on the court so I found it very fascinating to work with him. Under his guidance, I reached the No.1 spot of Under 12 and Under 14 National Ranking. He taught us not only the skills but also how we prepare ourselves mentally and how to compete. I can still remember vividly how he always told us to “keep our heads up on the court”. His training program set up a solid foundation for me to conquer all the challenges ahead no matter on the tennis court or as a person. He aims at developing his players to become an all-rounded person and makes sure we have a good balance between tennis and academics.


For me, Benny wasn’t only a tennis coach but also a mentor and a good friend off the court. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to work with him after 14, but the close relationship still remains between us. I started to compete on the Men’s Circuit earlier this year and Benny, with years of experience as a touring professional, gave me a lot of advice on planning my schedule and choosing the right tournaments. Now coming into the college application process, he also gave me lots of advice on choosing the right school for myself and on preparing for college.