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Kenji Low

Kenji Low (Hong Kong)

Cornell University

The trip to the US, apart from being a lot of fun, was a life changing experience for me. It opened up so many opportunities for me as a student and as tennis player and it definitely widened my perspective on pursuing tertiary education in the US.

The College Prospect Showcase held in Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut was a 2-day event held primarily to provide potential students-athletes an opportunity to play in front of college coaches from various top institutions. Prior and following the 2-day showcase (the showcase was sandwiched between visits to various schools), we spent our time touring campuses around the East Coast. We visited a total of 6 Ivy League schools and 2 top Liberal Arts Colleges during our stay.

It was amazing how Benny actually found any time to sleep at all with all that driving! Throughout the 10-day period we were in the US, Benny spent much of his time getting as many coaches from various prestigious institutions to watch us play. We were given an opportunity to meet the coaches at all the schools we visited and listen to insights on receiving an Ivy League education as well as playing college tennis. During these visits, it was clear that Benny was committed to ensuring we all had an opportunity to play college tennis at a top school when he constantly advocated for our cause.

Without him backing me, I very much doubt that I would have attracted as much attention as I did during my stay in the US and establish a connection with the head coach from Cornell University. I can safely attribute a huge bulk of the success of my application to Cornell to Benny. He is, without a doubt, the reason I have an opportunity at college tennis in the US.

US College Placement Program