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Leung Lok-Sze

Leung Lok-Sze (Hong Kong)

No. 1 in Under 14 Girls’ Division
World Junior Team player

"I was under the coaching by Benny since I was 10. He first gave me an impression that he was very disciplined, serious, tough and rarely smiled. But after a few months, I realized that he was a very warm-hearted and caring person. When we went to the U.S. during summer in 2003 for a month participating in some local tournaments, he worked so hard that he had only few hours of sleep every night. He was the driver, tour guide, coach and baby sitter. I was very impressed by his hard work and dedication to Hong Kong junior tennis development. Throughout these years, he taught me many things about tennis, but I consider the most important two things are "never give up fighting spirit" and "respectable sportsmanship". By the way, he still owes me some ice cream.

Yes, it's true. It takes two years of preparation, or even more, to be accepted to a college of your choice.

After going through the SATs, the showcase, weeks of essay-writing, I have come into conclusion that college search for tennis players, or student athletes in general is - a process where you try to find a school that "best fits" you. In other words, identifying and getting accepted to a school that is in line with your tennis level and academic standard, and enables you to strive in both areas.

Focus on tennis, I must say that the Showcase has exposed me to more than 60 coaches, allowing me demonstrate my tennis skills; at the same time, it served as a platform for the coaches to get to know more about my game beyond the black and white resume. The two-day event at Yale is important to players like me who don't play a lot of ITFs or other international tournaments. I have to thank coach Benny for taking me to the Showcase while also guiding and helping me to connect and build an important and crucial network with different coaches, which contributed to my eventual acceptance to Middlebury College.

The college application process is one of those once-in-a-lifetime experience that is strenuous, and frustrating at times, but definitely rewarding and worth while."

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