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Ryan Ho

Ryan Ho (Hong Kong)

There is no maxim, in my opinion, given my experiences in both my academic and tennis career, that illustrates the success of the College Prospect Showcase better than the one that states that our lives are defined by the opportunities we take and the opportunities we don't. Choosing to go with Benny to the US and attend the Showcase at Yale is precisely an example of a decision I have made that has shaped my life, presenting me with more opportunities with tennis than I could ever have fathomed years ago.

Benny's relentless dedication towards my aspirations of playing college tennis not only served to open new doors, but asserted the fact that the countless tiresome hours I spent practicing and studying were directed towards a greater cause - a collective academic experience in the United States that will allow me to satiate both my academic and athletic hungers.

The first-hand experience of visiting schools and meeting personally with a wide range of coaches from prestigious academic institutions during the course of the trip provided the necessary insight and support that I needed for my applications. My recent acceptance into the University of Chicago is reflective of Benny's support and the advantages of his established connection with the coach and not to mention, Benny's understanding of the college tennis world, too.

For those who may already have the necessary athletic and academic abilities to combine a high level education with high level tennis, both Benny's commitment and the Showcase itself will provide the necessary 'kick' that will hopefully score you the opportunity of a lifetime."

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